....i rather REGRET my ACTION instead of REGRETTING because i AIN'T doing NOTHING....

Saturday, June 5, 2010


heyy fellas.......

lme gle sy xupdate my blog kan??haha,,,,maklumlah,,,BZ-ing menanam anggur dirumah,,,bajet nk keje,,,xkeje2 pon,,,ahahhaa,,,,

ni pn update cz i got nthing to do,,,BORED,,,in specific word...hehee..so my plan nk keje ng my uncle,,cm xjalan,,nxt roadshow kot i follow him,,wee~~

so actually im jz staying at home,,sleep from 5 a.m to 3 p.m,,,,wake up,,hang kedai,,eat,drinks,,,,going snooker,,,then blik,,,mandi,,then kuar blik,,pusing2 bndar trganu yg "AWESOME"...faham2 laa yee,,,hahaa,,,,n it's just happen again n again n again n again,,,,,everyday,,,,same je my schedule..what a bored sem break an3??hahaa..

so td ptng my parent bru blik from KL,,,its school holiday,,,so sy rase cm nk ikt dieorg blik KL,,,half of me want to stay at trennganu instead,,,T_T...


so,,,tngok laa cmne2 nnti,,,,kla,,,pape update akn ku update disini k followers..hahaa,,,mcm ade kn "FOLLOWERS" saye,,,,perasan yg amat,,, T_T ...k then,,daa!